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Originally Posted by Dietrich Maerz View Post

as Jo pointed out several times in the movie, if the French badges would be injection-mold castings the surface would mirror the surface of the steel-made mold. A steel mold is machined and polished not only to give the part a nice surface (which is the case for the examples you presented) but also to make the ejection process easy. If the steel mold would have sucha rough surface Jo is showing in the video, the part might never come out. And nobody would ever engrave another wave into the reverse die if it is a steel mold. I have no idea anyway how that happened and what the purpose could be ...
Furthermore, with a steel mold you don't have the pimples and craters that the French badges have. They show all the signs of sand casting or at least signs of an extremely sloppy mold, surely not machined out of steel.

It looks like we're going to have to start the poll all over again.