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Guardian 5,

One of the things that we have little information on for these tactical badges is what type of training is required to qualify for the badge initially. Mostly, they are related to the job the person performs in the BW. This particular badge probably indicates the person is qualified to test/repair etc. underwater weapons. The badges come in three grades and the qualifications to wear each grade is as follows:

Badges are awarded at three levels:
Stage I - Bronze, after 6 months of service in the subject-related use
Level II - Silver, after 5 years in the use of subject-specific
Stage III - Gold, after 10 years in the use of subject-specific
As a specialized use is the training time for specialist activities.
When reservists total of 2 or more weeks of reserve training time apply every year for over 1 year in the subject-related use.

In his book, "Von der Affenjcake zum Tropentarnanzug" Walter Kunstwadl indicates that these Tactical cloth embroidered badges were authorized for wear on the Feldtarnanzug and the Flecktaranzug as of 13. Junuar 1993.


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