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FAKE: KM marked low grip screw HSc
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Default FAKE: KM marked low grip screw HSc

Another forgery has been brought to my attention by one of our members here, Peter (aka-"hochadler"), informed me of the is fake Mauser HSc that has been sold on the collector market as recent as 2009. I'll pin this thread up for every to read.
Here are the photos and comments provided to me by Peter.



This rare Commercial Low Grip Screw HSc, originally serial numbered 700220 (Photo 1), was among numerous pistols adopted by the
Norwegian Police after the war. It was marked with the POLITI property number 5098 at the rear top of the slide and on the frame.

With the intention of greatly increasing the value by eliminating the POLITI marked slide and adding a KM proof to the frame, the pistol
was altered to serial number 700228 and sold in the collector market.

Despite the attempt to remove the 5098 from the frame, the depth of the stamping prevented it's complete eradication (Photo 2). The serial number was altered from 700220 to 700228 by adding a cross bar to the final '0' then filling it with a whitening agent (Photo 3).
A new 228 was engraved on the underside of the muzzle on a different slide to resemble the customary electropenciling (Photo 4) and the barrel serial number was overstamped 228 (Photo 5). Finally, the pistol was reblued and an Eagle/M poorly engraved on the frontstrap of the grip (Photo 6). has been sold and returned twice on the East Coast in 2009.

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