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The so-called M60 Stahlhelm (BW designation: Stahlhelm 1A1) was the first German-made steel helmet used by Bundeswehr, replacing M1 in 1960. About a year and a half later, it was replaced by M62, which would last until introduction of Gefechtshelm.

The shell is similar to M1, but liner differs from M62 in attachment and is modelled after civil model helmets. Single canvas chinstrap has tension-sensitive clasp that releases under explosive concussion to prevent wearer's head from being blown off!

This example I picked up for low price off ebay couple months back. Other than a few dings, it is in near perfect shape. Stamped with sizes "56-58" and named to C. Langerstein. You do not see these very often.


External view:

Internal view (note liner):

Soldier's Name (C. Langerstein):

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