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Please do yourself a favor and look into 'print on demand' publishers. The book is on a disc, at the publisher, and only printed as copies are ordered. Your initial investment, in doing the writing and photography, will be returned with via payment, to you, for each book sold. Your cost is at a minimum and you do not have to have any print run or shipping issues; it is all done by the 'print on demand' publisher.

I truely look forward to your project and would be ordering two copies immediately upon the publishing of your tome.

I also suggest incorporating BW Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine into the book as tghe interest will soar, as do any collectible does once there is real information available.

I would further suggest keeping the volume from 1956 to 1966. After 1966, things became much more standardized.

Good luck,
Bob Hritz
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