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There are two routes one could follow for these two books. Write them and make them avaiable free on line or do a digital book and only print on demand. That second way is becoming more prevellant these days. Saves printing books which take up a lot of space and an expensive cash layout for the printing and shipping to the authors location. The other option is to combine both into one volume. If I could sell half the 1500 you envision for the picture book I would be very happy indeed. The recently published Est German dagger book only 200 in the first run and they sold out almost instantly. The second run of 100 was soldbefore I knew they had been printed.



Originally Posted by Asbjoern View Post
Did I hear my name....?

The date "around christmas" is still the date my publisher is talking about... last information is that most of the stuff is already scanned. Maybe there will be the time for some nightshifts soon....

@Gordon: I fear that a book on Luftwaffe or Bundesmarine will be of no interest for most publishers as the number of collectores interested in these branches is quite a lot smaller then the number of Heer collectors ... and even there the numbers are limited. We would be lucky to sell 1.500 of the picture book ...


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