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Winter Felt Boot research project.
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Default Winter Felt Boot research project.

I am working on a Felt winter boot date survey. These go by many names, Sentry boots, guard boots, felt boots, overboots, Elefantenstiefel, Wachstiefel, Filzstiefel, winterstiefel.

If you know of a pair with a visible date and or manufacturer can you please post a picture of the whole boot as well as the label and date. This info is commonly on a tag sewn inside the boots or printed in ink on the inside of the cloth pull tabs. (You have to lift the tabs up to see this)
I am interested in any information that can be gleaned from these boots.
I am disaggregating the data about all types of winter boots. including the big senty overboots, as well as all the patterns of the felt boots.

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