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Patience is a virtue
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Default Patience is a virtue

Some of you were expecting probably some high end order or rarity here.

Well this is for sure a hard to come by Military Passport to a World War 1 fighter.
I choose the name of this thread due to how I acquired it. As some of you know I collect documents and Military passports and research them, I was scrolling through MP's and as usual they're full of text that is perhaps not raising any interest in most of us. However I've learned to read through them page to page, as sometimes there's something hidden there as in this case. It can be frustrating at times.

You see the stamps of I.R.2. and the cursive text referring he was in the Bavarian 2.Infanterie Regiment amongst other things.
You go to the bottom of the page where the most interesting points are usually written. You notice he was wounded by a bullet to the right shoulder 17.7.1916 in Fromelles, 12.10.1916 wounded by a shrapnel ball in the left leg at the Somme.
Next page says "le Barqué" is the more precise place on the Somme where the wound was sustained and that the Shrapnel ball hit his knee. Below states that he's been awarded the Prussian Iron Cross 2.Class (P.E.K.2). it is quite clearly written there. Check the battles he participated in on the glued paperclip on the left.

Ok, I return back to the other page to read the top part.
Now I notice that he wasn't transferred to the 2.I.R. before May 1917, that he served in Bavarian Resere Infanterie Regiment 16 before his transfer.

Well such a small writing in cursive Sütterlin could have gone unnoticed
If you don't yet know why Bavarian R.I.R.16 is desired midst paperwork collectors you should Google the unit at once
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Searching for memories from our darkest days.

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