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Originally Posted by Remi-ngton10 View Post
what is the tube please ?


to clarify this correctly.

The Mortar shown on the photos comes from Bulgaria and is now offered by Zib-Militaria (German militari dealer).

The Mortar (bipod, base plate, tube and optical sight) are „in basic“ orig. german production before 1945.
The tube is as I write an orig. german production but was rebuilt / renewed by the Bulgarian army after 1945,
the renewed parts and areas are the extension which was attached on the muzzle (original muzzle ist lost) and the tube-soul were expanded from 81.4mm to 82.2mm.
Everywhere were added new serial numbers, basically the tube is completely destroyed and is no longer worth to be collected.

The tube extension was mounted by the Bulgarians to have a higher accuracy and range,
most of these Bulgarian Gr.W.34 are imported between 2013 and 2014 to Germany and other Western European countries.

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