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Lies, falses infos, revisionnism.

Originally Posted by herkules View Post

let me add some results of my in depth research results...

I have read and also heard by some war veterans :

Some days prior advance party of the division - which was on their way

to Normandy / front...

entered Oradour and was captured by "Whoever" .

Searching for the missing " Sturmbannfuehrer" (leader of the advance party)

this missing Sturmbannfuehrer was found in the oven of a bakery in that small

village .. he was identified by the nr on one of his awards / knights cross..

As the village had been a strong hold of members of the "resistance" / or a

comparable group of partisans...

lots of ammunition / explosives and weapons had been found...

fierce but short fighting started...

as a result the massacre happened...

interesting to know though :

The SS unit involved had a large number of SS volunteers from

Elsass-Lothringen which was at that time part of Germany..

Later on - after the war - this district became French again and all these

soldiers that were involved were trialed by a French Court..

Although sentenced to death all of them had been released

shortly afterwards... reason so far unknown...but maybe reason to do some


I just wanted to let you know that the real / true facts are

probably ... in between.

Thank you

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