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The Germans did produce lemon powder for their troops to improve the flavor of their drinking water. Heres the statement in Soldatenernahrung und Gemeinschaftsverpflegung 1939. Basically states to add 5 g of lemon powder to flavor half a liter of water. Now it doesn't say March Drink but the British intell studies do. But yes the Germans did go that extra mile by making sure their soldiers had flavored water.

The problem with using a modern product to replicate a war time product is we don't know how it was made, what concentration of citrus they used if they used any at all. Don't forget the Germans used tartaric acid to give candies its sour taste. Also your assuming that what is an acceptable taste for you also applied to the German soldier of 1940. The Germans loved Rye bread but it wasn't as well recieved by the GI. When I was stationed in Germany from the 1970s-1990s German friends always commented that American coffee tasted like dishwater.


Originally Posted by napesica View Post
OK, so these so called "Lemonade" there any documentation any where stating that is what these are? I know the claim has been made that these special aluminum containers held a lemonade powder to encourage soldiers to drink so they would not become dehydrated. Really?
OK so I took some very strong modern Liptons Lemonade Ice Tea mix, probably much stronger than anything produced by war item Germany, and mixed it per the instructions on the lid with 2 liters of water. could just barely, hardly , maybe taste a little bit of difference in the water. And since when did soldiers need to be reminded to drink water? That was their main drink available and I think most knew when and how to drink and needed little encouragement to do so. Just seems like a lot of trouble and added expense just so a soldier will have flavored water.
Counter view of these 'Marching Drinks"....OK so in Russia etc where lots of these are found they are most often referred to as "Energy Drink " containers which certainly goes along with what they are labeled (Marching Drink, why doesnt the cap say 'Lemonade Powder' or 'Anti-dehydration Drink'). And just look at the special rations for motorized troops....lets see what do you have here that someone driving long distances may need.....some meat,,,,some bread,,,some sugar and caffeine chocolate and some "lemonade". Really , Lemonade? How about a high powered energy drink (Marching Drink) to keep you going.
Until I see something from a Vet that used the stuff or some war time documentation I will never believe these are just 'Lemonade' powders. Too expensive to produce and distribute just so a soldier will have a very mild hardly discernable lemon flavored water. Makes no sense at all. I think they held a mild form of Pervitan or something similar which makes a whole lot more sense IMO. Michael
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