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Hello !

Here is the other, very different example. This man was always in artillery units :

Lt. Müller was born in 1912 and therefore took several short time (6-8 weeks) courses pre war.
He completed each one with success and was promoted at the end of it :
1937 : he was appointed Unterführer-Anwärter (NCO candidate/aspirant)
1938 : he was promoted to Gefreiter d.R. and appointed Reserve-Offizier-Anwärter
1939 : he was was promoted to Uffz. d.R.
(I tried to arrange the WP scans in a way to make this more clear. I hope it is'nt too confusing).

On 28.8.39 he was drafted at the time of mobilization. He served ~2 month in a replacement unit,
then with 6./AR 54 and finally from April 1940 onward with Art.ABt. 711, with which he saw action in France.
All of his WP pages and an overview of his career can be found here :

His Wehrpass was filled in very thoroughly, but there is absolutely NO indication of attending any school
or a specific officer course.
On 1.7.40 he was promoted Feldwebel d.R. (but not Fahnenjunker-Feldwebel !) and on 1.9.40 Leutnant d.R.

He did however attend several courses at the Artillery school at Groß-Born, but only after he had become Officer:
One was a 3 weeks course for Batterie-Führer, the other courses were for Sfl.Art. /Panzerhaubitzen.

Would be interesting to here what others think on this type of career ...
With respect to the very first question, at least this career is a different one.

Best regards,

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