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Hello !

Very interesting topic !

I hope it is o.k. if I first show an example from infantry (this is the "cleanest" one I have).
It should serve to clarify, what would be the "standard way" to become an officer of the reserve.
Then it might be easier to discuss the various deviations.
(I'll show a second example, where it was very different.)

In my understanding the most regular way to become an Reserve-Officer included the following steps :

1.) First step was, to be selected for the ROB career, in which case one would be appointed R.O.B

2.) Second step would be to be sent to a school for Fahnenjunker for a (typical) ~3 months course

3.) during which (or at the end), if successful one would be promoted fo Fahnenjunker-Feldwebel.
(I do not know if this is the same as Fähnrich or if there is a difference).

4.) Then one would have to attend a second course, (again ~3 months), during which or at the end

5.) one would finally promoted to : Leutnant d.R. (der Reserve)

- Before beeing sent to these courses, one would typically transferred from the field-unit to a
replacement unit.

- In theory, between the first and the second course, there should be a time of practice,
but often this part was skipped.

This is my current understanding of the topic and I assume it would be similar for artillery and other branches (true ?!).
Any corrections or further infos would be very welcome !

As all these things varied, so it would be interesting to hear other opinins and/or to see more examples
from other members.

Best regards,

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