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Classy buckle, Gordon. I suppose that was used for "parade dress" and the aluminum one for field use? Unfortunately my THW belt buckle is identical to the BW issue, but in aluminum. Rather boring.

As for RAKA... I got curious and did some checking. They apparently made a bunch of stuff for the BW as early as 1959. I saw at least two collectors with Filzlaus items made on that date by RAKA. So it seems to be fairly diverse things they made. Which now makes me suspicious that RAKA was a German firm making Belgian items as part of war reparations (a German firm made Belgian shelter halves for sure). Interesting, as I think most camo collectors assumed RAKA to be a Belgian company.

I did a search and the only company I found, "RaKa Flugzeugwerk" in Kassel, was an aircraft manufacturer. And apparently only in the 1920s. So that seems to be something different.

Given the quantity, duration, and diversity of items made for German instituations, I'm going to switch assumptiosn that RAKA is a German firm. Still odd to not find any info on the web. Most often all that turns up is references to Belgian stuff (made in 1956, primarily).

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