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Originally Posted by NZMark View Post
Thanks Pauke.
I also collect tropical straps - and have handled many sets and singles. Thus my confusion...
Irregularities abound in strap manufacture - as does material condition due to storage, wear et al.


Other collectors with tropical boards who I emailed or spoke too could not see anything wrong with the pair which started this thread.

Some asked what is there to be gained for a faker from putting a field-grey tongue on one board and the use of LW shirt material to line it ??? Far more likely a case of an original manufacturer making straps from off-cuts in later half of 1942 or early 1943.

Top of the line fakes are not known for being made from a mismatch of materials. However to quote Tim again, if this is the work "from the same faker" known to USA collectors. Then surely someone can post images of his work or other such fake tropical straps with a similar hotchpotch of materials used to make them.

Let's not also forget that irregularities of shape of original straps are often the result of unskilled labor being pressed into a job with little training, especially from 1942 on-wards. Plus the use of off-cuts varied according to the size of the garment cut out. Both these factors can impact on the shape/ size of straps made from such off-cuts,


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