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I will offer a few details. Firstly, the irregular edges are a sign. They should be straight and the curved end broad, blunt and have a smooth curve which these do not exhibit. The maker likes to leave a nice button impression and fading without the straps showing any real use. This point can be debated to death. Yes, the materials and basic construction are original or very well done but I would not pay $25 for these and I collect straps. There are a couple of other points I won't mention but these straps also do not look seven years old, much less seventy plus. It would be good to have a pinned thread into which these fine reproductions could be lumped for reference. These are and will be dangerous for future collectors and such is the fate for valuable desirable collectables. In hand two pairs I have inspected offered more information as to why they are reproductions. Jedem das Seine!
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