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Thanks Guys, always fun to be here! Well, I spoke to my friend Kim who vet purchased one of these three months ago. I have one without the emblem, it was broken when I received it that was vet purchased.
Trust me, as many of you know, I do a pretty good job of keeping fakes off my site. So, I totally understand how vets end up with fakes. Whether they were made in semi-recent times or 1945, I do understand this "stuff".
The reason Ron is not responding is because those who have done this for 40 years plus have no question as to their authenticity. TW is well respected, perhaps one of you should ask his opinion on these?
Lastly, some of the new, young collectors have incredible knowledge and have done outstanding research on our treasures. However, there is still miss-information out there from some of the newer guys that are authoritive in their areas.
We can agree to disagree, no reason to fight but these knives are real.
Best Wishes,
PS- I have never seen one as was alluded to earlier that they "must" have rectangular holes to fit the diamond prongs through. Since these were not factory modified I can see this as being a "possibility" but by no means the rule.
PPS- I know my comments will not be well recepted so I said what I need to and will not return to beat a dead horse.
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