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Regarding an attempt to identify eagle manufacturers, "Germanpolice" and I attempted to categorize these things a few years ago and found it nearly impossible to identify any manufacturers by name. Indeed you can ID types or pattern BUT actually putting a name to them is impossible.

The observations you make are valid, but that is about as far as you can go.
I have identified about 50 different "types" which represent different makers, but who those makers were is unknown.

Unlike SS insignia for instance with a limited number of authorized makers, police insignia were made everywhere. Some by big companies others small local firms. The names were sometimes factory applied and sometimes applied by local tailors. You can find 3 or 4 different script types on the same pattern of eagle.

So, although I applaud your though, having tried to do it already I can report it is an impossible task. You can classify types, but identifying makers is just not possible.

The Speyer type eagles have a bad orange dye that oxidizes more than other makers. That is why they all fade, some times to white.

And I unfortunately agree that the first eagle in the display looks like a know reproduction.

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