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Whilst I agree with the general consensus regarding this badge , I do have one of these somewhere which is also marked Meybauer . This one shown has nothing like the fine detail of my example. This design type ( according to Baldes reference book) are from the Godet outlet. Although there are characteristic differences in depth of detail etc. Which points to these being possible restrikes . The interesting detail on the one I have or had ,not sure if I still have it, is the similarity to the production characteristics of normal Meybauer badges . If one looks at several Meybauer badges then you will see the edges quite often have voids or gaps where the two halves have not quite made contact ,this is typical of that maker ,also the edges are often polished , a trait of Meybauer that no other maker seemed to employ. This badge of mine also has these two details , not something that is usually seen as far as detail is concerned , in a fake.
Just my two pence worth.
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