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Small, tragic lot of Grenadier Georg Jedelhauser, born in 1925. He didn't see any action on the Eastern Front however he would receive his baptism of fire, when on December 16, 1944 the Germans surprised the US Forces with the Battle of the Bulge.

On the first day of the offensive, the leading companies of the Grenadier-Regiment 423 crossed the Sauer in Rubberboats and aimed to capture Berdorf. Days later they aimed to capture Consdorf... It proved to be a slaughter, several attacks were launched... Practically decimating the Grenadier-Regiment 423. According to Fred Karen, after December 24, the I. Bataillon had only around 100 men left. One of the casualties at Consdorf, on December 21, was 19 year old Georg Jedelhauser, while serving within the Granatwerferzug of 4. Kompanie. He sadly himself met his fate by enemy mortar fire. He was taken to the Monastery of Helenenberg, which at that time was a Hauptverbandplatz, however he quickly died suffering from severe wounds and was buried next to Monastery.

Monastery of Helenenberg, where Georg Jedelhauser is buried.

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