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Hi Willi:

Thanks Mike for posting. As you can see by mine the one on the left is HJ and pre-war. This is my theory only from observation, so take it for what it's worth. You do not see ones like my left one during the war years with the tan felt. The one on the right is also pre-war.

I was told by an former HJ member that once the war started, they used ones like you show and they were not RZM marked. That is if they had any at all. The ones like my left one, were passed down from other members and are often beat-up. They are hard to find in good condition like this.

The blue ones are for Flak helper formations is the story I am told. I have a real tiny (.5 liter?) canteen that is certainly HJ and it is brown wool and 1941 dated.

I have not seen a Wehrmacht "Luftwaffe canteen". My understanding is they wore the same as the Heer.

Like I said this is only my observations.
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