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Originally Posted by MP44_tom View Post
These can be found everywhere... a lot of farmers used these after the war for fencing....

If you go to Terschelling, the landscape is full of them......

Also these can be found a lot in Normandy


I figure that you can probably find them in the former Atlantikwall & Westwall area without too much trouble...anywhere else on the planet probably not so much.

I've even seen the WW1 pig tails being used for fences in the Ieper BE area while driving on the backroads. I still find that amazing they are still around after 100 years.

I missed buying one of the WW2 German barbed wire posts on a couple of years ago while I was living in the Netherlands and always regretted it. I'm happy to finally have one.

Thanks everyone for the comments and the reference to the excellent bunker page!

Regards Ben
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