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This can was captioned as being Polish in the book. As it turns out it’s a standard 200 Gram can of pork, which was corrected in the update file. When we got the can we were thrown off by the stamp R.St.14 which we hadn’t encountered before. That and the fact that our source thought it was Polish led us to the wrong conclusion. As I read the book it dawned on me that this style of can was actually discussed in the original US Army report.
13. Beef Roast. Three samples were tested.A. (Sample 1). This product appeared to be roast beef. Two cans, 4 x 4.625 inches and 3 x 2.312 inches in sizewere examined. The drained weight of the former was found to be 20 ounces and that of the latter eight ounces. The gravy was very thick and there was a great deal of rendered fat present. The product appeared to have been ground through a 1.5 inch plate. Its appearance and flavor indicated that it was a cold pack. The vacuum on the larger can was zero and that on the smaller one was approximately 4.5 (obviously a mistake probably .5 inches). The labels read as follows: Authors' notes. The information does not fit the template. 400 x 410 4288 T 135 R-F 8206 300 x 205-DIN-PAPKU000 RSTSSR 200 130

One of the things we point out is that the analysts who did the study had a difficult time reading the stamps off the cans and there were a lot of errors. Plus they tended to run the information together, but over time we were able to figure out most of the codes. Once we figured out that the can was German we tackled the R.St. 14.stamp. As it turns out, it’s simple the code for a type of galvanized or drawn steel. The can in the Ration report probably read something like this:
Bottom lid: 300 x 205(Possible the size of the “blank” used to make the body of the can)
Top lid:RSTSS(R.St.?? the code for a type of galvanized or drawn steel )R 200 (Beef 200 g) 130(Either a date or manufacturers code)
The can is the same size as the one described in the report.It only had one lid and the codes are as follows:
S-36- (Pork 1936)
GW -Unknown but possible the manufacturers code or additional identifier for the steel.
R.St. 14.- code for a type of galvanized or drawn steel
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