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Larui Allen Törni // Larry Alen Thorne
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Default Larui Allen Törni // Larry Alen Thorne


After being able to join the US Army, corporal Larry Thorne was on my father's Special Forces team around 1954. My dad recalls that Thorne was a known former German soldier and barely spoke any English, but my dad was one of the few SF then whose native language was English. Törni/Thorne was the recipient of Finland's Mannerheim Cross; Germany's EKII, and the US Bronze Star Medal.

The helecopter he was flying in (Vietnam) went down in 65, I think, and his body was finally found in 1999 and recovered sometime around 2003. He is interred at Arlington. The book "The Green Berets" mentions Thorne, but I forgot the "pseudonym" that was used. His was the character John Wayne portrayed in the movie version. Although Thorne was a captain when he died ... John Wayne could not be a captain.

Thorne was close friends with LTC Aito Keravuori (promoted to COL on the day he retired); my father was Keravuori's S4 in 1966-68.

Törni on Wiki

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