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Brilliant thread!

One of the best threads ever submitted to WAF!
Going back to the subject of the glass tubes which smelt of ether/alcohol - I wonder if these were the same type of medical item as carried by field nurses of the British Army during WW1?
In the documentary series "Finding The Fallen" (about WW1 victims found on French and Belgian battlefields) as in this case, several of these glass tubes were found very close together - and were apparently carried by medical personel.
They were filled with alcohol and were used to contain medical suture (in a sterile environment) in order to stitch wounds of soldiers injured in battle conditions.
The idea was to snap the top of the glass container, remove the sterile thread and stitch cuts and lacerations "on the spot" before the injured could be transported from danger to a first aid post.
Just a thought, as the tubes pictured in the report look identical to those shown in this documentary.
They were also very fragile, and the medical archeologist commented that due to there fragility he had never ever come across any examples in an intact state before.

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