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Originally Posted by Stephen Stout View Post
I greatly appreciate the feedback. I am torn between a MP44 like that or a all matching C&R MP40.

So what would be a generally a "better" machine gun purchase, a MP40 or MP44? I can only afford one.

I was in the exactly same situation as you, but believe me when I say that you might end up owning both

Regarding which one is "better", I would say that the MP40 is a funnier rifle to shoot. Its recoil is quite smooth, the price of the ammo is affordable and you can engage common and cheap steel targets, which is always fun.

The MP44 is more what I understand as a true combat rifle, suitable for being used at a medium range with a higher firepower, but heavier and more expensive to shoot. Nevertheless, its level of rarity nowadays is far away from the MP40, which could be considered as a relatively common to find rifle.

So, for trying to help you while making your decision I would say:

- MP40 if you want an iconic rifle for shooting, enjoying and of course with an historical value.
- MP44 if you are going to shoot only from time to time but you appreciate the great rareness of the forerunner of all the modern assault rifles.

If shooting both of them helps you, you are invited to do it here in Spain
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