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I put these thoughts on "But Not For The Fuehrer" on another thread, here goes again. I have some problems especially with chapter 12 and 13. He goes to sharpshooter (sniper) school back in Germany, returns as a sniper for 4 months, about the same time as he claims he was trained as a parachutist and dropped behind enemy lines. Plus why would military intelligance take a buck private, (by his own admission, small and physically weak) and train him for one mission.

I almost feel the Canary/Canairis mistake was intentional (old man, memory not to good, but easily corrected by the ghost writer or editor. Yet he remembered small details about weapons etc.

I liked the book, could not put it down. But I have some problems with it's veracity. It was ghost written and may have been embellished, especially being a sniper, special mission, and all the rest, in a short time period. I don't have the book with me at this moment, but I believe he entered the military mid 1943.

I still recommend it, but will be interested if others come to some of the same conclusions. Or maybe I've become a bit skeptical after the "Forgotten Soldier" debates.
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