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Book Review **Check it Out**
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Default Book Review **Check it Out**

Title: But not for the Fuehrer
Author: Helmut Jung
ISBN: 1-4140-3447-4 (e-book)
1-4140-3445-8 (Paperback)
1-4140-3446-6 (Dust Jacket)
Publisher: 1StBooks Library (?)
Stars: 5
(out of 5)
OK, I know this has been discussed on another thread but I found I was looking all over for info and well, I guess I just like my two bits at the start. Well, what can I say. This book is really good. I found that I could not put it down. It is fairly large, 464 pages though it has NO pictures. The descriptions of weapons, actions, etc are done well enough that no pictures are necessary.
There were a couple of mistakes that I found....the Army that was captured in Stalingrad was the 6th Army NOT 7th. The person in charge of German Intelligence was Admiral Canairis not Canary and he was killed during the war and did not survive it. Though the author made a couple of mistakes he does admit that he is not sure of certain timelines as he is too preoccupied with surviving the battles on the Eastern Front.
One thing I found extremely interesting and found a good read was the brutal honesty that the author describes in his dealings with new weapons, the SS, certain officers and POW's. He admits to dealings that usually are never told in books, ie: Killing of POW's, Killing of German officers, His small units (Platoon) dealing with the rear area MP squads, and what the average German infantry soldier thought of the new weapons. They were scared of them!!! as they could and did cause more harm to the soldier using it than the enemy.
The chapters deal with training, posted to the Eastern Front, Special Duties, Surrender, and Occupation. There are more chapters of course.
WELL WORTH THE MONEY for this book, and I did ask and received an autographed copy. He even sent me change for the book, as shipping was not as expensive as first thought!!
Seriously recommended for all serious readers of WW II.

As usual, any questions feel free to email me of PM me!
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