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Luftwaffe Feldwebel Herbert Wölber - Kampfgeschwader "Totenkopf" 54
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War Luftwaffe Feldwebel Herbert Wölber - Kampfgeschwader "Totenkopf" 54

Hi Team,

I hope this is the right place to post the following as I am aware that there is another section that deals with photographs and documents but I am just trying to do some individual research first. I got a small Luftwaffe group which consists of a photograph and two citations for the EK II and EK I. Here is the information that I have.

The photograph is a portrait picture of a Luftwaffe Feldwebel. He is waring a three piece ribbon bar with a Luftwaffe service medal, Sudetenland medal and a Spanish Cilvil War Campign medal with swords. Worn on the left breast pocket is what I believe to be a pilot badge but only the top of the badge and a wing can be seen. On the right breast pocket one can see another badge which I believe to be a Spanish Cross. Again these awards are hard to make out because of the way the photograph was taken.

The EK II citation is to a Feldwebel Wölber with a date of 21st May 1940 and signed by the then General der Flieger Alfred Keller, Der Kommandierende General des IV. Flieger - Korps.

The EK I citation is to Feldwebel Herbert Wölber of 7./ K.G. 54 with a date of 30th June 1940 and signed by the then General der Flieger Albert Kesselring, Der Chef der Luftflotto 2 und Befehlshaber Nordwest.

I checked Horst Scheibert's, Der Träger Des Deutschen Kruse In Gold and Ehrenblattspange - Ehrentafelspange - Ehrenpokal book's but there is no mention of a Herbert Wölber. I then did a search for Luftwaffe Feldwebel Herbert Wölber and came across this thread You can see in post #31 "Spanienkreuz in Gold Unteroffizier (Lw.) Wölber,Herbert 6.Juni 1939" was mentioned.

This is as far as I have been able to go. Is the photograph and citations that I have the same man who received the SPiG?

Your advice, help and thoughts are appreciated. Kind regards and thank you in advance.
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