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Bulgarian RPG-7 w/ Czech PG-7 subcal trainer
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Default Bulgarian RPG-7 w/ Czech PG-7 subcal trainer

I'm a Third Reich collector...but also into Title 2/NFA (National Firearms Act) weapons, so have a little something to contribute to the Communist Militaria fourm.

I just got my approved BATFE Form 1 (Washington State - Firearms Trust) to reactivate this Bulgarian Circle 10 back into a "Destructive Device". This was an Israeli captured launcher that was demilled, and then imported into the US. Next step will be having my SOT gunsmith remove the blocking rod, patch holes, replace the firing pin assembly (we have a solid plan and lots of spare parts), and refinish.

I was motivated to reactivate the RPG as I was able to pick up a Czech PG-7 sub caliber trainer at a reasonable price. The trainer "rocket" is basically a 7.62x39mm firearm (non-NFA) that loads into the RPG-7. Firing the launcher...ends up firing the loaded PG-7. Trainer stays in place. 7.62 projectile rides the specially broached rifled barrel that simulates the trajectory of a PG-7 HEAT rocket. Trainer rocket is removed, reloaded with a 7.62x39mm round, and reinserted as needed.

Additional photos available if this post is of any interest.
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