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Originally Posted by JOHN JONES View Post
The trophy weapon that CPT Zec has in his hands, in the photo taken at Camp Alpha. Believe his is the same as mine and that while commonly referred to as an SKS, is really a Chinese copy, properly referred to as a “CHICOM TYPE 56” or CKC. However I most often refer to mine as an SKS, and then say it is a copy of a Soviet SKS.
This photo is of me at Can Tho with my legal “bring-back” weapons; a K-54 pistol & SKS. FYI: Got the pistol at FSB Cai Cai from a SF MSG & the SKS from CW2 Phenice (sp?), one of the OH-58 “Bartender” pilots. Note: Still have them both & still shoot them about once a year. John Harris.
+1. Really nice!
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