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Originally Posted by Hellschreiber View Post
In Piotr's message #16 of 10-18-2016 in this thread, there is a cross-sectional diagram with equipment mounting frames on a bulkhead, and a color photo with the same mounting frames mounted on the fuselage. Does this mean that there were two Me262 installation configurations for FuG120?

It appears to be. The design drawing does not leave any space for the FuG25, so there must have been a second panel in the design documents somewhere. Not uncommon, when I was researching the Fug16 configurations in late war Messerschmitts I came across different variations of the radio panel in design documents, the reality in surviving aircraft usually being different again...

It underlines the increasingly chaotic supply and manufacturing conditions towards the end of the war and the incomplete documentation we have on the applications of these late war systems. Hat off for finding the Fug120 document, I still have to see something similar on the FuG 125 (The NASM library holds some documents, but I never pursued these any further). I am still fascinated what visual indicator was used with the Hermine, so far I have found no clues...


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