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Photography not something where I have a lot of skill, I can say that the lighting (artificial vs. natural) and angle of the camera can and does affect the perception of the item being photographed. Not only with the detail of the surface finish, but also the coloration of an item as compared to what the eye itself sees. As for specifically Jetter & Scheerer (Aesculap - a maker of surgical instruments for the Wehrmacht) versus Solingen makers some 1930's service bayonets from them do seem to have a higher degree of polish than some other contemporary Solingen makers. But that might not really be a really fair assessment because of the different bluing techniques that were used that can also change the surface appearance. Liking the pictures that ivbaust posted - while I imagine that the larger industrial capacity makers had their own blade finishing staffs and facilities, I do have to wonder how much (if any) of that of kind of work was subcontracted out? FP
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