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Originally Posted by Victorman View Post
Hi IVBaust,

As you know, cross grain is very touch to get on photograph. So unfortunately, I cannot show the differences here with pictures.

But here is how you can find out about this typical blade feature:
- You need 3 mint (as possible) SA-blades: two identical (by the same maker & same period) and one by another maker. A good example would be 2 Eickhorn's and 1 Aesculap.
-Wait for a sunny day with good direct light and compare the 3 blades. You will observe that the grain on the Aesculap is very different compared to that on the 2 Eickhorns: width of the "cross lines", light reflection & glitter effect.
Both makers show quality, but different cross grain!

Best regards,


Thanks for the information

Will check it out!
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