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Originally Posted by Gunbunny View Post
Your instrument is a Type 92 Magnetic Compass. It was mainly used in single engine navy aircraft like the Zero, Nakajima B5N2 Kate, and Aichi B7A2 Grace. It was also used in the Okha 11, the infamous "Baka Bomb".
Thanks Gunbunny. If this thing could talk, I'll bet it would have some great stories to tell. Just finding out the story of how this thing got back to the States would be amazing. Maybe, right after the war ended, a GI pulled it out of a Navy Zero that was awaiting destruction at an airfield.

Just how common are these Type 92 Magnetic Compasses? I have never seen one before or since I bought this one. Also, what would a ballpark value of this compass be, especially in this condition? Don't get me wrong, the value isn't really important to me right now, because I think will be keeping it for a while. I just think it would be good to know.

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