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Japanese Aircraft Compass
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Default Japanese Aircraft Compass

Hey guys,
Here is probably the most valuable item in my collection, a Japanese aircraft compass. My late father spotted it and pointed it out to me while we were at a Threshery Show and Flea Market in Freeport, IL during the Summer of 2004. I had a good feeling about it and paid the whopping sum of $9 for it. It was the best $9 I ever spent.

As you can see, it is in very good condition. It still retains it's original light bulb, which is encased behind the little door in front. My father hooked up the plug in the back to a model train transformer and the bulb still works! It casts an eerie, green glow through the whole interior of the compass, so it can be read at night. The compass has definately seen some use, since the heat of the light bulb has discolored the piece of paper (used to record headings?) on the front of the door. The interior of the compass still contains some oil or other liquid that used to fill the entire inside of the instrument. On the top of the compass, there is an ID tag that has lists the serial number of the compass, an anchor (Imperial Japanese Navy?), and another symbol which is also stamped on the side of the light bulb.

Are these compasses scarce? I have never seen one before, not even in a museum. Also, if anyone has any more information about it, what it might be worth, or what is written on the ID tag, I would be very interested to know about it. Any opinions about it are also welcome. If anyone wants to see any more pics, don't be afraid to ask.

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