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Originally Posted by AntiqueWW2 View Post
There are something called Nametags. 90% of my Tunics have it, and then you know if it saw Combat or not. And there is no History associated with any Piece, as long as you are not able to tell it. What i have from the nicest Tunic when you don't know nothing about it? A Piece of Cloth, not much more. Same goes for Medals or anything else. Just my Opinion, but i want to know who owned it and what was the History behind my Items. A Tunic what comes out of a Depo and is unworn? Whats the History of that? The Tailor sew it together?
A name tag is,nt proof of combat each man had more than one tunic normally .a lot of wear on tunics is probably on some from post war film use and bad storage a few years back some of the militaria shops in islington had hundreds of tunics some striped of insignia from German film studios and just a few years back lots came ot of Angels costume house in london now all re done and probably now combat worn but in the real world how do you really know unless there is some evidence
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