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Show me your BRD Heer Tunics
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Default Show me your BRD Heer Tunics

Hi fella's

As a new guy to this forum I would dearly love to see some of your BRD tunics. As I have said to Gordon in a pm my interest at the moment is to build up a collection of BRD tunics representing most arms of the Heer like panzer, gebirgsjager, paratrooper, panzergrenadier etc. I am more interested in the later jackets say from 1975 onwards and would appreciate some with awards etc and maybe an explanation of badges/awards attached to the jacket. I am still very much in the learning phase and I thought if I could see what some of you guys have in your collections then I might get some direction of where I want my collecting to go.
Just to start you off here is my first and only jacket at the moment. Apart from the beret which I now know is not correct for the jacket, what you see is how I purchased it. This artillery jacket is what got me hooked on BRD uniforms. I hope you like it despite my bad photography .


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