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And i need to try to not always be too Rambo with everyone

From the 120 Letters and Documents in that Group what will be published next year, this one here has the most Value to me, more then the KC or any other Item in that Group. It was written the Day when he died in Fieldhospital in Russia, after getting a Bullet in the back and one in the Stomach. The Day before this, he wrote a Letter to his Mom, she got it together with this one. Written by a Friend in his Unit who was there when he died. Things like this should be published that others can read it and see how it really was back then......



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Thank You!

And thank you for turning stories into history!

Your way to collect is, in my opinion, the best, but not everyone is in the same lucky position in terms of access to German vets, their families, and their estates. In fact, only very few are. So, one has to be understanding I guess that others who have the same passion are in a different situation. Still, some people collect things, and in ways, that make me scratch my head, but I let them be the judge;-)

Again, I do agree that a great grouping from a neighboring village with a story, or sometime none, is the most rewarding way to collect. at least that I have experienced. I definitely see that the same way as you!

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Always looking for nice Gebirgsjager Tunics and Equipment. And everything about Heeresbergfuhrer/Alpine Mountain Leaders.
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