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From your Point of View you are right, and i have not much to say against what you write. I can only repeat myself. I talk here only about the Way i collect, and how i see the Items i own. And if for someone History means to study an Item, well so it be. For me History, is the Story what comes along with an Item. If i am so wrong, then why there are this big Price Gaps between ITems what are attributed and items what are without any connection?! Often double and more. Only because of a Name.

I have to disagree that i have no History as long as i not write the Storys down. Because that is exactly what i did and do. I spent countless Hours with all kind of Vets over the Years. From a lot i got there Items, together with there Story and what the soldiers experienced during the war. I wrote them down, Vet after Vet. Some of them became close Friends over the Years. Sadly almost everyone is gone now, or will be gone very soon. And with them would be everything lost what they had to tell if i would not have wrote it down, took Pictures with them ect. I never sold one single Item i got from a Vet myself, and for no Money on that Planet i would do it. All is still here with me. When the Time will come and i will be selling my Collection, i will take very good care that the Items stay together with the Story, that others can read and maybe learn something from it. If that not works, i will gladly donate the Items to a Place what then will keep it that way. The Best Group i own will be next year published as Part of a Book about Heeresbergfuhrer, and on 20 Pages others can read then the Story about this Vet, from his Youth until he was killed in 1944.

I hope you can see that i am not sitting at home, with all the Stuff i have, and not want to share it with someone. I would be a real Jerk if thats the Case I have my Way of doing things, some like it others don't. I was never giving much on Opinions others have about me. I try to help when its possible. But one thing i always had in focus, to keep that Hobby alive, my Grandfather and all the Millions of other Soldiers deserve that there Story gets told the right way.

This is why i prefere to say an Item for me has only Value with a Story behind it, otherwise i see it only as a Piece of Metal or Cloth. That don't mean it has no Value or someone else can't enjoy it or Study it, no, that is just how i see the Items.

Nice Tunic, i like it

Originally Posted by Albert View Post
What really does not work is, creating one's own reality (which in itself is ok, we all do that), then mating it with an "either-or" mentality (which to a certain degree is also ok, we all do it occasionally), but then confronting everyone else with it as if it was the ultimate truth... That does not work...

What is history? One could argue it is a great alibi for a lot of people to justify a lot of things (figuratively and literally), and collecting is one of them. It also gets confused with "story". Unless you write books about the great stories you must have heard and the great pieces you surely own... you do not really have history... just a number of stories you, and possibly only you, have heard and can connect to some items in you collection by the thin thread of one man's memory... What's going to happen when you, and all of us here, are gone, then, according to your own logic, all those things you have will suddenly become non-history, because all the stories and memories have seized to exist as well.

Turn this around, there is a great guy on this forum who does not collect! However, he has contributed a great deal to the hobby in general, to this forum in particular, and especially to the study of the RK!!! Now that is history;-) and he doesn't even own an RK, neither an anonymous nor an attributed one. Only for history preservation, it would arguably be perfectly sufficient to have a couple of representative specimen and books/ files. Voilą, history preserved...

Please don't get me wrong, you contribute a lot of good things, see the Oak discussion. Great contribution! It's not so much the content, it's your style that rubs some people the wrong way. Of course nobody in his right mind would disagree with you that the best scenario is to have an attributed piece with a story! But! ... there are so many ways to look at one and the same thing, and even more with different things. And of course is collecting coins and other stuff comparable to collecting awards, and other stuff;-)

Anyway, sorry if this came unsolicited, haven't written so much on the forum in years. Here is my contribution to the topic, a true field worn jacket (one of very few I ever had, alas no story...) and an unworn one. Love them both.
Always looking for nice Gebirgsjager Tunics and Equipment. And everything about Heeresbergfuhrer/Alpine Mountain Leaders.
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