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My collection so far
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Default My collection so far

Been collecting for a long time but got serious about 2 years ago. Finally got my Signals NCO on a display. Found a used mannequin that fit. I even opened the safe up and dug out an all matching P-38 rig for the NCO. Also included some other photos of my uniform collection thus far. I donít really have any rhyme or reason in terms of what I collect. I mean as long as itís all originally applied insignia and of course Luftwaffe....then Really whatever catches my eye. I would like to get a General rank uniform....something named Iím thinking. But thatís another day!

All of my uniforms have been reviewed on WAF and have their own threads. Actually now that I think about it most of these have been from WAF members. I think before getting anymore uniforms I may focus on getting the accruements for the ones I have. Iíve had my eye out for a few nice leather officersí belts but havenít really found anything that I like. Would love to find something with a cross strap for my admin tunic. But those seem far and few between. Also headgear for them all. But damn a nice Luft Officer Visor is as much as a tunic is some cases!

I donít have my own room yet. So the crew just hangs out downstairs in the movie room. I would like to get something set up so I can display ALL my collectibles! But one day...I canít be too pushy! My wife is good about my collecting!

Enjoy and as always please leave your feedback good or bad!

Dave C

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Always looking for Unique Luftwaffe Uniforms!

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