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These are definitely British khaki drill trousers, as stated already. They are British-made, not of Indian/Commonwealth manufacture. The W/|\D stamp has already been noted, the '9' size stamps are common enough in this kind of clothing and there is the outline thread of the original label sewn on the rear waist.

It looks as if the field dressing pocket on the front has a pleat (like the battledress pattern) which has been flattened out through wear or storage. The brass buttons could easily have been replaced but they look original enough to these trousers.

From the style I would say these are early-war, from around 1940-2, but it is hard to be exact. I have a mint, unissued pair like these dated 1943, still with the original brass buttons - long after they had changed to plastic on the serge batttledress.

Interesting to hear the story about them coming with other items from an Italian who served in North Africa, although I wonder what happened to the original owner....

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