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Thanks for the kind comments, glad you like the thread! I can already add another recently-arrived piece:

The seven grades of the blood donors' awards weren't enough to adequately honor long-time donors, and so a new award was created and first presented in 1983: The Landsteiner-Medaille [Landsteiner Medal], named in honor of the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Karl Landsteiner (1868 - 1943), who is recognized as the father of transfusion medicine due to his discovery of the blood types in 1900.
The Landsteiner-Medaille came in three grades: Stufe III [Class III, bronze] for 50 donations, Stufe II [Class II, silver] for 60 donations and Stufe I [Class I, gold] for 80 donations.

(Also, 1987 saw the first awards of the Hufeland-Medaille [Hufeland Medal] in silver for 90 donations and gold for 100 donations. However, this decoration was a general award for merit in the fields of public health, social welfare and medical science and -education and not directly related to blood donations or the Red Cross as such.)

Here is the class III medal:
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