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Originally Posted by JPhilip View Post
The french maquis didn't butcher anyone in Tulle. The partisans attacked the german garrison and the "Gestapo" (generic term) HQ. The germans fought, they lost and died. 60 germans were killed and 44 bodies were still in place when the WSS troops entered the town. 16 bodies of german soldiers had been rolled over by a truck (the soldiers have not been killed this way, they died while in combat).
The two men responsible for the hangings in Tulle were a SS officer named Kowatch and a Gestapo Obersturmfürer named Schmald. They arrested 500 people where they could find them, in the streets, at the cinema..etc...and they did choose 120 people to be hanged in the streets.

Walter Schmald was captured in Brive (mid-August), they make him dig his own tomb and he ended his life in a normal way for the b@st@rd he was...two bullets in the head...and a few spadeful of earth.
The "truth" ! And directly from the "Prawda"... The last sentence says it all, IMO...

Regards, Peter
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