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Originally Posted by Gary Cain View Post
Hi Mike,
Actually they did devote a whole film to the '42. Granted it was a short film but it took the whole reel. The film also dealt with tactics to deal with it etc. Having owned both I will say that for shooting for pleasure it is the MG 34 all the way, but if I were in combat give me the 42.
I own a 34 and while I don't own a 42, a good friend of mine does. Have fired both side-by side many times.

The 34 soaks up more recoil and is much more controllable from the bipod. Ammo lasts a bit longer (~900 rpm vs. ~1200 rpm). Aiming is a bit easier as the irons are better. Less change to burn your fingers if you have to move it fast as the barrel jacket offers better protection over the 42. Single shots are easy due to the trigger design.

The largest detractors to this weapon is that with it's relatively tight tolerances, it works best when it's positively SLATHERED in lubricant. In some conditions (mostly outside of Europe), a dripping wet lubed gun attracts alot of dust and/or sand which can affect operation. Additionally, a barrel change exposes many of the internals to dirt infiltration, expecially around the locking cams. finally, if in the prone position, when you do a barrel swap it can be difficult to keep dirt out of the equation.

The 42 will jump around a bit easier and eats ammo like nobody's business if used for sustained fire. But it's loose tolerances based on metal stamping technology lets it run under much dirtier conditions. A barrel swap exposes the gun to less dirt egress and the mechanism that allows the barrel swap doesn't promote dirt entering the action.

the biggest detractors are keeping it on target from the bipod, the dangers of bolt bounce (in the WW2 iteration of the gun), and the repairability (or lack thereof) of the gun. In some respects, the unibody construction makes it almost disposable if damaged, whereas the modular MG34 lends itself to being repaired and put back into action.
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