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Thanks for the added photos Tim. Reason I asked for them was to make sure that the barrel and locking block were Walther parts, not Mauser, or Spreewerk.

Given the fact that both the locking block and barrel match each other, but do not match the rest of the pistol, I believe my first thoughts are correct. That the barrel and locking block were swapped at some point in time, for some reason. When was this done? No way to tell for sure. Why was it done?
Someone mentioned during cleaning. It's possible, but I think that's a bit of a stretch. Most likely, the original barrel/locking block was damaged somehow, either cracked, pitted, cut down, or just worn out.

Bottom line is, it's still a mismatched pistol as others have said, and therefore, unfortunately, is shooter grade gun only.

Hope this helps,
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