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I should have been a little clearer in my previous post. To my knowledge all the 37 dated contract guns were delivered to the Portuguese. I mentioned Barbarossa as a time frame reference to speaking about the 1941 dated contract guns in the other post. With regard to portions of the 41 dated contract being diverted to the wehrmacht, the evidence is overwhelming. The rifles don't lie. As I previously mentioned, these have turned up as capture pieces in Norway, Russia, and the Balkans. Bergflak, who is located in Norway and an occasional poster on this site, has stated that he has handled at least ten 41 dated contract guns that were surrendered by the Germans in Norway at the end of the war. A few of the Russian captured pieces have ever been rebarrelled by the Germans with 0,2 marks on the replacement barrels. This statement is from the book Armamento do Exército Português Vol. I- Armamento Ligeiro – Pages 142 and 143. ISBN 972-8816-43-X. "The Mauser M941 contract was signed in July, 15, 1941, for the purchase of 50,000 rifles, to be delivered in 10 batches of 5,000. But serial numbering had some problems. The first 4 batches had consecutive numbers, but after the 23.000 rifle- the Germans made an emergency requisition that interrupts the serial number sequence".

Originally Posted by Gary Cain
The problem with that is alllll those rifle with 1937 chamber dates and waffenampts. Why would those get diverted? In Portugal in the museums you can see the 1937 and 1941 dated rifles on display. Why did those make it? So far there has been no evidence that I have seen of these rifles being diverted away from Portugal.. There is plenty to show that the Germans were very careful to meet their obligations to foreign powers however.

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