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Revised Guidelines for stamping characters into ID tags, Army Secret Ordinance No. 85 (issued on 12th April, 1924)

Article 1
Unless otherwise specified, ID tags of NCO ranks and below of mobilized troops were to be stamped in accordance with the following points. (Pre-stamped stock of such tags was to be prepared in advance by the units responsible for stocking supplies).

1. Main unit designations (first line) to be stamped based on List 1.

2. Sub-unit designations (second line) to be stamped based on List 2 provided that the unit was organized to possess a Company HQ.

3. Personnel Numbers were to be consecutive numbers based on the units standard headcount, including any additional headcount assignments. For units structured to possess components such as a Company HQ, these numbers were to be assigned within each component. Units structured differently were to assign these numbers within each such unit. These numbers were to be stamped below the character 番 (number). These numbers were assigned personally to whom the ID tag was issued, and those, who later transfer (excluding those replacements covered in the next Article 2) into the unit after mobilization out of home grounds were to be assigned consecutive numbers above and beyond those already assigned.

Article 2
ID tags for NCOs and below of Rusu Reserve units (including the garrison hospital for replacements at the Taiwan Garrison) as well as for other replacement personnel of NCO rank and below were to get stamped according to the following rules.

1. The main unit designation in the first line was to be the Ryakufugo of the unit requesting the replacement as selected from List 1 along with its unit number.

2. The personnel number was to be a consecutive series assigned within each replacement unit before which the designation of the unit supplying the replacement was to be stamped based on List 3

Article 3
ID tags for warrant officers and above, probationary officers, probationary intendants, probationary medical personnel, probationary pharmacists, probationary nursing staff (this was newly added from this 1924 revision), probationary veterinarians and civilians in the service of the army were required to stamp their unit designations from List 1 upon mobilization, followed by their rank and name.
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