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I do not have a close photo (because I take whole roll of 35mm and develop it on disk) of the patch but it is woven cloth version. Basically a blue oval with "DB" at top and "Bahnpolizei" at bottom. In middle is winged DB train wheel. There also exist embroidered wool versions with and without DB. Current version for green uniform is green Schriftzug "Bahnpolizei" above BGS/Bupo shield.
Actually the reason I asked for the shot of the patch is that there are two different versions of this patch.

The initial version of this patch was simply the winged wheel with the legend "Bahnpolizei". Some time later a small "DB" patch was applied over the logo. Later, this style was replaced by fully embroidered version.

These "2 piece" patches are increasingly hard to find.

Additionally, when the hats where changed from the silver star with wheel & wing logo, to the federal eagle version. The eagle design was "cut" into the badge and enameled. BGS eagles had the eagle logo but it was flush with the surface.

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