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I received my BGS Mantel today and it is great new addition but missing insignia as usual Also missing 2 buttons on front and shoulderboard buttons but pair Anwärter Schulterstücke were thrown in by seller.

I have couple questions about fixing it up:

1. Are shoulderboard buttons the same as chest buttons or different? Stephan has shoulderboard ones but not chest, so where can I get chest buttons if different?

2. Was embroidered or woven arm patch in use in 1966 (year marked "66" on maker tag) on the Mantel? I do know it has traces of the two piece model. I have the woven type like used on Tarnjacke. Once again would like to know where to get if woven not usable - this time Stephan is too expensive (E10,00 for shield + E15,00 for BGS arc).

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